Forms and Downloads

Last Modified 24/05/2017

Residential & BTL Product Guide

Full details of our Residential Mortgage range including rates and criteria.

Last Modified 21/03/2016

Identification Requirements

A full list of the documents we'll accept to confirm your customer's identity

Last Modified 11/12/2015

Sharefile User Guide

A quick user guide to help you share document with us securely.

Last Modified 11/12/2015

Our Conveyancing

A guide to our conveyancing process and costs

Last Modified 02/10/2017

Applicant Declaration Form

Once signed, save and upload to your customer's sharefile folder

Last Modified 16/11/2016

BLUELiNK User Guide

Instructions and walkthrough on how to use BLUELiNK. This guide will show you how to register for a BLUELiNK account, create a Quick Quote, produce a KFI and carry out an Affordability Check.

Last Modified 03/03/2017

Tariff of Charges

Full details of the fees we charge before and during the term of the mortgage.

Last Modified 22/09/2016

Additional Buy to Let Property Details Form

Use this form to provide details of any additional Buy to Let properties owned by your customer

Last Modified 29/06/2017

Gifted Deposit Confirmation

If your customer's deposit is being gifted, use this form to provide confirmation.

Last Modified 27/01/2017

Lending past retirement declaration

Declaration for applicant's to confirm they're comfortable they'll will be able to meet their financial commitments to the end of the mortgage term.

Last Modified 27/01/2017

Mortgage Deed

For solicitors use only.

Last Modified 30/08/2017

Bluestone Accountants Certificate

Please complete this document and return it to the Lending Team by email.

Last Modified 31/08/2017

Credit Report Help Guide

This simple guide will show you how to register for a FREE Experian Credit Report and provides tips on how you can improve your Credit Profile.