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Why Bluestone

As a new lender in the UK, our aim is simple - to help more of your customers get an affordable mortgage. We have over 10 years experience of doing exactly that in Australia and New Zealand and have been working in collaboration with leading adviser firms in the UK to give you access to our range of affordable specialist products. We're great to work with too - straight talking, honest and if it's a no we'll tell you up front so you know where you stand.


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Customers We Help

We take time to understand each customer's unique situation.  We keep things simple, balancing technology with a human touch and give you access to an innovative range of affordable specialist mortgages. 

Self Employed

Self Employed



Complex Income

Complex Income

Credit Problems

Credit Problems

Our Products

Designed to help customers who can demonstrate affordability, but are struggling to get past automated application processes.


For customers that need a more personal approach when it comes to buying a new home.

Variable Rates from

3.79% Quick Quote


Competitive products and speedy service, perfect for a smooth remortgage move.

Fixed Rates from

4.09% Quick Quote

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